What is 3D Secure Authentication ?

What is 3D Secure Authentication ?

What is 3D Secure Authentication of Credit Card ?

3D secure is an extra layer that the payment gateway provider adds into the payment verification process to enable strong customer authentication when it comes to online credit/debit card transactions. Under the surface, the whole process uses 3 Domains of security protocol involving 3 relevant parties:

  • Acquirer – Acquiring bank
  • Issuer – Issuing Bank
  • Interoperability – the payment environment system ( processor, card schemes, etc.)

Above the surface, customers can see the OTP requirement at the final step. OTP is defined differently depending on the card schemes.

Card issuer brand3D secure code brand
VisaVerified by Visa

MastercardMastercard Secure code

American ExpressAmerican Express SafeKey
JCB InternationalJ/Secure

Outstanding benefits of 3D Secure payment

If merchants integrate 3D payment gateway, they all help online businesses approach more clients on ecommerce. However, the ecommerce environment may have some gaps for fraudsters to attack online customers and even merchants. The more strong fraud prevention solution the payment gateway offers for merchants, the better trust and loyalty merchants earn from customers.

The primary advantage of 3D Secure protocol is that online shoppers are protected every time they go shopping online. They can control the purchases that they make online and confirm instantly. If a suspicious payment occurs, customers also receive OTP to their mobile phone or other mobile devices. By reporting the unauthorized transaction and not providing OTP, online shoppers are safe from financial crime attacks.

For merchants, the 3D payment gateway helps their business losses in terms of charge back policy. While an unauthorized transaction is prevented from proceeding thanks to 3D Secure Strong Customer Authentication, merchants can avoid selling products or services to non-liable buyers. As a result, return and refund will be under control and online businesses benefit most from this security operation.

How can I have 3D secure on my MASTER credit card ?

Most of MASTER cards in the market don’t have 3D Secure by default, and you need to upgrade your MASTER card with your bank